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Success- a science, or an art?

It was an afternoon of a summer in university, A science lab, full of boys, wearing white shirt and grey trousers, and girls, wearing white suit with grey scarf were in groups. It was all noisy with chanting, stirring, and an obnoxious smell, bearable enough to stand there. A boy, looking around without touching any […]

What makes comfort zone, a comfort zone?

Yesterday, I came across a post related to comfort zone. A question raised in my mind that, Is it really a comfort, doing the routine work, anticipated schedule, meeting same people daily, leading you to become lazy, resistant, irresponsible and unproductive. Following are the experiences which majority of us face in our lives; 1. Self-limiting […]

Corona virus and personal development

It’s been completely locked down. All the activities have been suspended, people are forced to work at home. The school has been closed, the public places which were full of people and life have been turned into emptiness and scariness. Yes, I am talking about the Pandemic of Corona Virus. Although, its difficult time for […]

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