What makes comfort zone, a comfort zone?

Yesterday, I came across a post related to comfort zone. A question raised in my mind that, Is it really a comfort, doing the routine work, anticipated schedule, meeting same people daily, leading you to become lazy, resistant, irresponsible and unproductive. Following are the experiences which majority of us face in our lives;

1. Self-limiting belief:

Once I was nominated for speech in an auditorium of around 1500 people. I was anxious that I am good at writing an essay but speech is not my personality trait. What was the result? A complete disaster. I left the stage within one minute of commencement. It was my comfort zone which I need to come out to deliver that speech. But I had the self limiting belief that its not in my DNA to be a good speaker.

2. Distraction masters:

You can’t do it. You are doing good. What is the need to take more headache when you are doing good here. These are the common sentences which we use to listen. Don’t you? They are the people who are master in distracting you. Apparently they don’t have any influence on our conscious mind, but they are giving a message to our subconscious mind that don’t try anything new. Don’t accept any opportunity. Do what you are doing and the result is we create a line around our thoughts and put a check mark on income and the result is ending up an average life.

3. Time constraint:

I don’t have time to do try anything new. My job and personal life is tough. I don’t know how people get time for other activities. Sounds familiar? Its easy to wake up and spend scrolling the social media for hours but tough to do some productive activity, because it takes commitment, self-discipline and more concentration. And the outcome is similar to the majority of the people.

4. Following crowds:

It takes courage to try something new. And we are happy to be following someone else. We always follow the footsteps of particular achiever in any field, completely ignoring the failures in that field. Following your intuition needs guts, following others keeps you in comfort zone.

5. Fear change:

The biggest threat to anyone, including you and me, is challenging the status quo. We love to be where we are and what are our responsibilities. The moment we are challenged to deviate from current status. Immediately, we are uncomfortable and do our best efforts to bring it back to the status quo rather then accepting change effectively.

6. Declining responsibility:

I am happy where I am? Why? Because I am comfortable in doing what is my routine? I know the starting and ending point. New posts leads to more responsibility and I am settled here. And its not my own organisation to do more. Convenient excuse. Isn’t ? But with responsibility we gain more experience and learnings which make us more competitive and demanding.

Which one of you face the above challenges? And how did you overcome it? Do share your experience in comments box.

10 thoughts on “What makes comfort zone, a comfort zone?

  1. Amazingly, not in a manner of self praising, but I have been defying all the above mentioned challenges!
    I remember it was 2002, I was in grade second, I delivered first ever speech in front of whole school, a crowd of more than 800 people.

    Again in 2010, I was in matric, I was struck that I want to deliver English debate, but my Teacher said that you will deliver Urdu debate, I accepted it, though unwillingly, but I was the topper of Multan Division in Urdu Speech of CM Competition.


    What I learnt is that, you need to get out of your comfort zone, you need to stretch your limits, you need to be adaptive otherwise you’ll be taken by the swirls of the time!

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  2. Yes, indeed the burden we use to carry on our shoulder every now and then.
    We were always watching our lives with the perceptions of other. Comfort zone always develops when we pounder upon other advice rather then asking ourselves to take up this challenge.
    Now a days we use to live a life of impressing other instead of making ourselve a better I.

    Indeed a great writing from you Basit.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this.
    You have made me realize that how these factors have been influencing me unconsciously for years and i had never even thought about it.
    First point (self limiting belief) where you highlighted how we limit ourselves that this is my thing and i will never get out of this, like we are born with some defined roles, which we are not
    So it just woke me up that how throughout my life i have been holding myself back from many things just because i thought i couldn’t do it.
    Secondly(distraction masters.)….yes there are many..people keep feeding into our minds that you have achieved enough or whatever you are doing is more than enough, which obviously feels really good to hear,but it stops our growth or our willingness to do more right overthere. We stop thinking outside of the box.
    But i think i would give my self enough credit for not following the crowd, i have always been the one making my own rules, setting my own targets and finding my own ways which i’ll always be proud of.

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