Success- a science, or an art?

Science, or an art?

It was an afternoon of a summer in university, A science lab, full of boys, wearing white shirt and grey trousers, and girls, wearing white suit with grey scarf were in groups. It was all noisy with chanting, stirring, and an obnoxious smell, bearable enough to stand there. A boy, looking around without touching any instrument, feeling himself the most unwanted person was in deep thoughts. And that boy was me, thinking about myself that how lazy and unequipped I am?

After passing the university, somehow, I went for a job interview, wearing the colour scheme of company’s logo, thinking about the previous life long unpracticality I had. I was sure that other interviewee, also my class-fellow, has tremendous command on the science of subject. He will definitely be selected. To my surprise, I got selected for the job because I handled all questions artistically rather then scientifically. That day I realised that interview is more of an art, then a science.

Struggling to develop myself as a leader, unable to hold my team together, facing challenges up-hill and sideways, I finally concluded that I am not a good manager. The science of success as a leader is not meant for me. I am a failure and I should stop trying it. Later on, after going through articles, seminars, It came across me that leading people to success is an art. It is an influence on other people which you develop by genuine caring, going extra miles, developing them and help them to recognise their potential.

In my previous blog, I shared my journey of getting the meaning of personal development. Applying the learned principles, i learned the Art of Human relationships and Art of positive thinking. Hey wait! What did i just realise, an Art? And when I evaluated myself, I realised that I have never read more then a chapter of books having title Science.

I am not here on the opinion, that science or art, one of them is on advantage. Its all about yourself how quickly you self-analyse that you are person of science or an art. Playing with your strengths, always gives you more advantage in your relationships, career and business.

It took me one decade to realise that I am a person of an art. What type of person you are? Are you ready for self-mastery? Or you’re full aware of yourself? Share where you are with your self awareness journey

“ Self Awareness is the key to Self-mastery

Discover yourself!!!

22 thoughts on “Success- a science, or an art?

  1. What a great sharing of your personal journey 🙂

    Hmm…It’s science! Science – as James Clear calls it success is a result of your habits. I have that experience now!

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  2. I think its medicinal chemistry lab where we all are unaware of procedures except some of our brilliant fellows.
    You are following Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
    Good article, keep it up.

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  3. I always thought to hold aur command over the science you will be holding excellent position sooner aur later but now I admit.
    I am wrong I have to stretch myself an extra mile to develop the art of handling others to give them joy and self parusatin to explore and unleash their potential this is the only way to get sucess rather to believe on science.
    Best wishes

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