Corona virus and personal development

It’s been completely locked down. All the activities have been suspended, people are forced to work at home. The school has been closed, the public places which were full of people and life have been turned into emptiness and scariness. Yes, I am talking about the Pandemic of Corona Virus. Although, its difficult time for everyone around the globe but a time for people who seldom gets time for themselves. Its time to share your learnings and experience in this time to make people feel better, invest in their mind learnings.

It was team meeting in one of my pharmaceutical gathering, I listened one of my manager was emphasising on personal development. To survive in this competitive world, you must invest in yourself. Since then i was finding the meaning of personal development. I was convinced that i have the best professional degree what else i need to learn. I am at the best stage of my life.

One thing I know about myself is that i give my 100% to what i am doing and where i find interest and passion. I started to explore the internet, talked to the persons who were doing some trainings on personal development. To my surprise when i got into the full details of this topic, i came to know that this is a sea and i am miles away from the shore of sea. The real education is how you behave, how you evaluate your surroundings, how sooner you accept reality, how quickly you become responsible. This is the time to share the experience of my decade with all those who are coming to this digital world with more access to reaching their needs.

I love to read about personal development, leadership and sales. I always feel an adrenaline rush when i am reading about these topics. After reading over 250 books i know my interest, i know what i absorb quickly and practically implement it. The personal development topic has given me the new direction to perceive my life, find new people, interacting them with influence and gaining lots of confidence. Its the best platform to share your learnings and experience because you will find here the people of your taste. The people who believe in their intuition and know that they can change themselves by organising themselves. Its a platform to meet new people globally. I will be sharing my personal life experiences, leadership, marketing and selling.

34 thoughts on “Corona virus and personal development

  1. Sir, the blog is beautifully put focusing on personal reflection which we often tend to overlook in other busy days. Maybe these days have brought a kind of solace in chaos, one of the bright aspect which we shall not deny.

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  2. I really liked the part about ,’self-discovery’ and ‘personalty development’ during this pandemic.My father also shares similar views.It is refreshing to hear about such positive thoughts in all this melancholy. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Hi Basit Ramzan Chughtai ! i like the way you motivating youngsters and emphasizing on personal development rather than typical thinking to earn money either good or bad means. I also love books and library is among the most favourite places of mine. I want to read your furthur.

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    • Good to hear from you Bilal!
      I would love to know what kind of books you read. I have published another blog here. You can check that too and leave your valuable comment. Once again highly appreciable


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